Underwater Inspection

Geomount can produce high-resolution, highly-precise inspection image and video outputs for inspection of dam, hull and with its range of best UAV systems

Pipe & Tank Inspections

By using underwater drones, we map and model large areas quickly to produce data by accurate 2D and 3D models.

Hull and Deck Inspection

Our teams can immediately visualize the hull and deck inspection and cover by generating 2D and 3D models and identify any issues.

Underwater Inspections

By using 3D models built with aerial images we can obtain accurate inspection for underwater structures.

Underwater Inspection 

Dam & Infrastructure Inspection

Our goal is to inspect dams and infrastructure by deploying underwater drones with high-resolution visual sensors to map or monitor and inspect the failure of concrete and steel structures..


Water Resource Management

or map around surface water, outfalls and more with drones to obtain data on-demand, facilitating resource management and compliance monitoring across vast areas.

Output compatibility

Geomount gives their output by using Chasing underwater drones to inspect any underwater infrastructures and tanks which is impossible and time-consuming for divers to inspect and monitor.


Erosion image of expansion joints in the repair area of water cushion pond platform.

Vertical scour

Vertical scour image of the platform below the dam.

Concrete Infrastructure

Reinforcement bars not cleaned after the surface construction of the water cushion pond platform.


There is a small amount of silt on the floor and sidewalls of the water cushion pond and scour on the walls.

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