Mapping & Inspection Services

Hydrographic Mapping

The city of Fernie (Department of Planning) has retained Geomount Inc. – Canada Inc. to participate as a mapping service for the Elk River using bathymetric and Lidar for the Coal Creek outlet to model their hydrologic design for a flooding disaster occurring before December 20, 2021.

As planned, we completed bathymetric mapping with lidar to determine the elevations of the Elk River bed. However, due to the flow, we had difficulty manoeuvring the #bathymetric Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) in some parts of the river. Nonetheless, with Chris Hust‘s help, we gathered enough information to map out the area.

  • Project Name: ELK River Hydrographic Mapping
  • Client: City of Fernie – Department of Planning
  • Reference: Mark Rowlands, P.Eng., MA, EP \ Director of Operation