About US

Geomount studio was founded in Vancouver, BC, with the goal of providing imaginative geospatial and virtual engineering solutions within all clients’ economic and developmental constraints. The firm has developed a sophisticated and thorough approach to mapping techniques into the virtual design, and VR/AR applications.

This process, when combined with the company’s expertise in data collecting and inventive experience as a UAV application in various industries within their timeline process, maximizes the prospects for each project and offers a truly unique way to be prepared for each client.


Our Vision in this studio is to provide an unique perspective on BIM (Building Information Modeling) by integrating UAV and indoor 3D scanning throughout the whole building project, from as-builts through facility management and compliance.

Our Mission

Our mission is about us but to deliver the highest quality service while working locally in the communities where we love to develop and share employee resources via the use of geometric models and associated engineering technologies.

We Understand Requirements

We make it our responsibility to learn and understand your requirements so that we can deliver solutions that best meet your needs today and into the future.

We Work Precisely ​

With our individual solutions, flexible staffing, efficient equipment and strict adherence to deadlines, we work precisely, comprehensively to support your project.

We Deliver Best Output​

When we can deliver solutions that help organizations focus on and manage customer outcomes, we will enable better experiences and deliver desired outcomes.


if you like to join our team, We always looking for talented person to join our team. 


Our team help architects, construction professionals, and civil engineers to create actionable insights over the life of the project.