``Challenging New Ideas into Geospatial and Virtual Engineering World``

Geomount DJI

Who We Are

Geomount Inc., a Canadian engineering technology incorporation, established with the mission of providing the best quality service in AR/VR applications, Photogrammetric Modeling & mapping, Reality Capture & AEC Virtual Tour to see the vision of expanding Engineering technology skills and knowledge to the rest of Canada.

As a representative of many engineering products with a qualified team and our collaborative approach, we develop technologies that enable the architects and civil engineers to apply what they have planned with our services.

What We Serve

Geomount uses UAV mapping and Photogrammetry technologies to develop XR applications to provide safe training applications for the engineering and construction industry. We work locally in the communities where we love to innovate and share employee resources by integrating geometric models and related engineering tools.

Our goals to offer a new perspective for BIM (Building Information Modeling) by using UAV and Indoor 3D scanning across the entire construction progress. From as-builts to facility management and compliance.

Co-Founders & CEO

Who founded or established an idea of Geomount Inc.


Gary J.


Hasti Shwan, EIT, MSc

Co-Founder & CEO

Carter Wilson


AR/VR Engineering Designers & Developers

Who always challenging new Ideas into Geomount Inc.

Gina Arden, B.Sc

3D Designer | Manufacturing engineering

Sam Hassan, B.Sc

Developer | Software Engineering

Hasar Fatti, B.Sc

VR Envir. Artist | Civil Engineering

Eisa Noori, B.Sc

3D Designer | Geotechnical Engineering

Shene Mirza, B.Sc

Designer & SE | Electrical Engineering

Aba Siamansur, B.Sc

XR Developer | Resources Engineering

Business & Human Resources

Who struggles to keep Geomount Inc. on the top


Zanko Hussein

BSc in Electrical Engineering

Mabast Amed

BSc in Mechanical Engineering
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Edmond Weng


Chandan Srivastava, MBA

Business Development

Riley Brown, BA

HR Administrator
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